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Move with Ease

If you don’t move, you lose it!  That’s your body crying out for motion and lubrication.  I will change how you move, teach you why your body moves the way it does, help you undo bad habits and learn new, more efficient ones to move with easy, not strain to reduce limitations that are keeping…
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Stand Taller

Enjoy the results of moving from the inside out. Getting those deep muscles that keep us upright against gravity to turn on and do their job results in you having better posture.  That is the foundation of movement. Optimal posture leads to less strain on the body both inside and out, allowing us to move…
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Learn to Restore Easier Motion

 Joseph Pilates said, “Change happens through movement, and movement heals. ” But what if all  you know is that  it hurts to move;  or it takes so much effort;  or you’re fearful of how your body will react and  you avoid doing things that bring you joy. That’s no way to live people!!  We will…
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